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Gonuts App

Your Crazzzy Donuts App

A conceptual E-commerce app for selling amazing and tasty donuts.
Offers a simple and unique user  experience by using fun gestures
UX / UI App Design
Holon Institute of Technology
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Product UX


Style Guide


UI Screens



The Challenge

We were asked to create and design an E-commerce application with emphasis on user experience and visual language.
I chose to combine 2 of my biggest passions: design and sweets! and from that the idea of "Gonuts" was born.

My 2 main challenges while working on this project were:

  • Design an app with a simple user experience that allows the user to intuitively and enjoyably using 'known to all' gestures

  • Showcase the wide variety of donuts that the shop offers- put the donuts in the center as the main and most important exhibit

The Idea

& The Solutions

In order to create the process that the user supposed to go  through, while using the app, I searched for information about prominent and main gestures in nowadays:

Gestures- first row:
Tap, Double Taps, Swipe,
and Zoom in
Gestures- second row:
Rotate, Zoom Out, Scroll and Tap and Hold

Gesture Library Gif by Hanna Jung

An overview of these gestures got me to decided that the "Gonuts" app, first of all, emphasizes user experience- slide, tap and swipe will be the main gestures which make it easy, fun and also very similar to the way we all use apps these days.

Second, I put a lot of effort into the visual presentation of the products: big, bold and appetizing!The images of the products must be clear and those that reflect and emphasize visibility in order to attract the buyer and strengthen his desire to make a purchase.



Before i started designing the app, at the planning phase, i thought that the app will be targeted for a wide range of ages, since donuts in particular and sweet in general desirable at any age, at least as i believe.

But during the app design process and after i chose the name of the store, the logo and the branding i found out that it will be appeal to the younger audience who will understand in seconds how to use the app.

I define my ideal user as someone who is always looking for the "next thing" and as an early adopter, experienced on social media, tends to try and experiment , loves food - "foodie".


Product UX

User Flow

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One Screen -

Millions Options

While designing the app screens, I had a hard time struggling with the design of the home screen. My main idea was to create simple and easy interface which let the user a fast access to all the categories.

I wanted this screen to be with the same flow as the rest of the app screens and to include a simple swiping or scrolling action.
The final result (shown in the ui screens section) turn out very intuitive and fun- just swipe the donuts right or left to enter to all the menu categories.

Confetti Pattern Blue

Style guide

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Heebo is a Hebrew and Latin typeface family, which extends Christian Roberton's Roboto Latin to Hebrew.


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Logo Craziness

logo spon@2x.png

The logo contains all the essence of the app- all the flavors, the colorfulness and the craziness of the wonderful donuts




Key Colors

App Colorfulness

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UI Screens

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Allows you to learn about all the gestures that make life much easier while using the application

Let us show you

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Home Page

Let us surprise  you

Give you a taste of all the amazing donuts variety the store is offering.
Just remember       you have to drag the donut right or left to enter to one of the categories .

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Category Page

Let us sprinkle  you

prod 3@2x.png
prod 1@2x.png
prod 2@2x.png

Let you take a big bite of a specific flavor from a variety of donuts: fruits, cohoclate and much more!
Just remember     
swipe the dount up or down to watch all that beauty 

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Product Page

Let us enchant  you

Let you take a closer look at all the details that make the donuts magical.
Just remember       
tap the donut once and get to know it better

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Let us feed you

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Shopping Cart Page

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Let you summarize the total of all your amazing purchases into one sweet delivery cart
Just remember      one small
swipe on the shopping cart at the bottom of the screen shows you all your goodies 

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Gonuts App


The Full 


Watch the project on my Instagram page

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