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Assif Ha'yir

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Digital Solutions for 
Non-Profit Association

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Dashboard and Application for the non profit association "Lasova", provide solutions for both employees and the donors.
UI / UX Dashboard + App Design
Logo design
Holon Institute of Technology
Co-Owner; designed the app screens: Amit Vahav
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Creative Field_
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Style Guide

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About the Project

This project was a collaboration between my collage and the Lasova association.

The "Lasova" association's goal is to help all those in need and to provide all fundamental needs while maintaining their dignity and chastity.
As part of the association's activities in the field of food, "Lasova" also works to rescue excess food. For this purpose, the organization runs a mobile unit known as "Asif Ha'yir" which collects surplus food from manufacturers, suppliers, hotels, restaurants, corporations and various dining rooms.

The challenges

There were two different challenges that the association present to us:

1. The association doesn't have a platform that summarizes and coordinates all activities, There's no systematic documentation which can help in optimization of all activities.

2. There is no interface for businesses that will allow them to place an order easily and  simply.
Today, all orders are made by phone and take a lot of the business and the employees time.

The Solutions

1. Dashboard -contains all the data of the activities and customers information that the association needs for better organization.
More information can be found in section 4

2. App- Allows better communication between the association and the businesses that would like to make a donate.
In a few simple clicks all the details and data receives into the dashboard. 
More information can be found in section 5

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Style Guide

I chose those set of colors and fonts after a lot of search, trail and error.
My goal was to find nice and peaceful colors that can relate with food and donations. The font is very clear, simple and readable. 

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Artboard – 7@2x.png

Secondary Colors

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Artboard – 12@2x.png
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Primary Colors


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The "Lasova" logo is a bit  old fashion and outdated, so my goal was
to give to the project "Assif Ha'yir" logo a modern and relevant touch.
I chose to keep the "L" word in Hebrew which shown in the original logo as a ladel and give it a little twist and reflect. 
Additionally, the font in my new concept logo is more fresh and rounded.


The Association Logo


My Conceptual Logo

Assif Ha'yir

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The first solution is a dashboard which suppose to serve all the association workers on a daily basis.
The dashboard contain all the data about the costumers and the pick ups.
It was designed in a smoothly flow that can manage the daily requirements and needs of the worker effectively.


Home Page Screen

Present to each employee his personal tasks, reminders and calendar in one place- enables better management and efficiency.

2. אסיף העיר- עמוד הבית – 3@2x.png

Daily Pick Ups Dashboard Screen

Organize all the pick ups daily data and activities: number of donations, all the businesses and the status of each donation.  also shows all pick ups on a map for comfortable view.

3. אסיף העיר- דאשבורד – 2@2x.png

Activities Screen

Shows all the information about single daily pick up: business contact info, all donation details and allow the employee to make all kind of actions regarding to the specific donation. 

3. אסיף העיר- דאשבורד – 3@2x.png

Additional Screens

Customers list screen

1. אסיף העיר- מסך כניסה – 2@2x.png
6. אסיף העיר- רשימת לקוחות – 1@2x.png
7. אסיף העיר- כרטיס לקוח – 1@2x.png

Customer Information screen

Login Screen

Wireframes sketch

Artboard – 5@2x.png


The second solution is a mobile application which serves all the customers / businesses that like to donate food to the association.
The application gives a digital and accessible platform for better and fast orders. Additionally,  the application is sync to the desktop dashboard so all the data transmitted directly for faster and more effective handling.

Artboard – 20@2x.png
Artboard – 6@2x.png

Tools we used

During our work we used a several important tools to ensure that our dashboard and app "look and feel" will seem modern and sleek. 
These are the main tools used by the designer industry and allowed us to taste "real-time" design.

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Artboard – 22@2x.png
Artboard – 21@2x.png
Artboard – 24@2x.png
Artboard – 25@2x.png

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